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A Waxy Worry

During our new topic we will be reading 'The Day the Crayons Quit' and 'The Day the Crayons Came Home' by Drew Daywalt. 


Crazy Colours

After a hard morning of writing character descriptions, we had a pleasant afternoon creating colour wheels and charts. We learnt about primary colours, and how to make secondary colours. Then we thought about what happens to a colour as we start to add white. We experimented and saw that the colour got paler. 

Awesome Alliteration

In order to name the colours we created in our Art lesson, we had a think about creating expanded noun phrases using alliteration. Firstly, we had to investigate what alliteration was;  we found out it was where the starting sound or letter is repeated in a sentence. We had fun creating our own tongue twisters, have a go at the ones below!


Peter Piper Picked Peck of Pickled Peppers

Sam sees six slimy, smooth slithering snakes

Seven snapping sharks swim in the sea 

Carrie cuddled the cute, curious cats. 

She sells seashells down by the seashore 


Who can say it the fastest?

Intriguing Illustrations 

The front cover of the book gives us lots of clues as to how the characters are feeling. We really liked Oliver Jeffers style of drawing so we had a go at replicating it and creating own own front cover.

All of our hard work in Oak class looks great up on display!

Perfect Pencil Pots

This week, we have been thinking of ways to get our crayons to come back to us, after they quit! So we have created them a new home to come back to. We used clay to do so, and had to create long sausage shape which was very tricky, as the clay was sticky and wet! We will paint them to make the jazzy and exciting next week.

Our crayon pots look amazing now they are painted. 

A happy ending...

As well as creating a new home for our crayons to live in, we have been thinking about a new ending to the book. We planned and wrote  a new ending where Duncan did something nice for his crayons. Take a look at two of our 'Superstar Writers' in Oak class!

Journeying around the world!

Our final week of the topic, saw us exploring the countries around the world. We researched some of the countries the crayons had travelled to, and decided that Italy was our favourite! We created an informative leaflet about Italy including all the facts we had found in our research. We also located cities around the UK.

Ask us to tell you an interesting fact about Italy!

We have walked around the school grounds and created maps of school to conclude our theme, with some great results.