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A Squash and a Squeeze

Squash and a squeeze


  • Read the story A Squash and a Squeeze, if you don’t have the actual book there is an online version below.  Encourage your child to join in with phrases that are repeated throughout the story.

squash and squeeze

squash and squeeze

  • Discuss how the Old Lady feels at the beginning of the story compared to the end of the story.
  • Discuss the different characters in the story and draw your favourite. Remember to write your name on your work.
  • Make face masks of the different characters and have a go at acting out the story.
  • Capacity – using a dolls house or building you have made from bricks see how many toy animals you can fit inside. Count the number of animals. Can you fit the same amount of animals in a smaller house? Focus on using the language full, empty, half full, and nearly full.


Water play is another way to encourage the language of capacity. Give your child a range of jugs and cups in a variety of sizes and shapes. Which container holds the most water? Which container holds the least? How many times can water from the small container pour into the biggest container? What would happen if you tried to pour all the water in the big container into the smallest container?