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School Lunches

School Meals and Lunch boxes
A full school meal can be provided by AiP our new caterers. Tables are provided in the dining hall and a glass of water is always available.  Every effort will be made to educate our pupils into sensible eating habits and health-related foods will be on offer.  We also need to be aware of the type of food which children enjoy. Popular, health-conscious food is the answer! Children in Reception to the end of Key Stage 1 are entitled to a Free Universal School Meal. Please inform your child's teacher if you would like one.  Meals for children not entitled to Free or Universal meals can purchase a hot meal and these meals can be purchased for £1.50 each day and can be paid for at the school office.  Free school meals are available to children whose parents receive Income Support, please ask in the office. Alternatively parents can provide a healthy lunch box.  A lunchbox can provide a balanced diet, some ideas are a range of sandwiches, pittas or pasta with ham, cheese, hummous or chicken, along with fruit, yoghurt or scone. You can get somemore great ideas from