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How to be a happy hedgehog.

How to be a happy hedgehog.

How to be a happy hedgehog. 1
We are now learning about hedgehogs.  Please click on the links below to visit the Hedgehog Street website and the British Hedgehog Preservation Society.  Hedgehog Street is a website that allows you to see whether any hedgehogs have been spotted where you live, and also allows you to log where you have seen a hedgehog.  The British Hedgehog Preservation Society have lots of information about hedgehogs, and they are kindly sending us some posters and other resources for our topic.

Activities we are doing.

Activities we are doing. 1 Play with the woodland animals by the fire.
Activities we are doing. 2 Use the tweezers to pick up the acorns and conkers
Activities we are doing. 3 Make leaf rubbings.
Activities we are doing. 4 Count out the snails for the hedgehogs to eat.
Activities we are doing. 5 Help the poorly woodland animals to get better.
Activities we are doing. 6 Look after the poorly woodland animals.
Activities we are doing. 7 We made our own tree using leaves we had made.
Activities we are doing. 8 We made our own leaves.

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Cute baby Hedgehog Stuck in a Can! - Wildlife Rescue

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Kipper the Dog - Hedgehog Watch

kipper the dog - hedgehog watch

Hedgehog family in the garden 2010

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